Drainage Projects

These are works carried out to remove excess water accumulated in gardens from the area. It is important for the health of plants and the development of grass.


Automatic Irrigation Systems

Automatic irrigation systems, which are systems developed for healthy and regular watering of all plants; It has been preferred in all medium and large-scale projects due to its advantages of saving manpower and water compared to manual irrigation, regular irrigation, and reducing plant deaths and diseases. The system is fed by a tank and a hydrophore attached to it; It consists of a timer, springs, fittings and solenoid valves placed in hard polyethylene pipes. By making a program from the center, grass areas and all plants are watered according to the needs of the plants.

Irrigation system projects implemented by Bioart's professional teams ensure that costs are reduced in the medium and long term by using the quality and correct materials needed by the area. Laying the installation to the appropriate depth, dividing the area into more than one zone, minimizing pressure loss, selecting appropriate springs according to performance, correct determination of spring intervals for equal irrigation are the principles applied by Bioart in automatic irrigation systems.


Structural Landscape

It is the functional use of structural construction elements and urban furniture included in landscape projects for the benefit of people. Landscape elements used extensively; floor coverings, garden walls and fences, steps-borders and ramps, pergolas and pergolas, children's playgrounds, lighting elements, ornamental pools and winter gardens. For the implementation of all these elements, drainage, irrigation and electrical infrastructure must first be prepared.

While all of the above-mentioned elements are used together in large gardens, in small areas, small touches that reflect the garden owner's sense of fun and personality are sufficient. Wooden stairs, natural stones, pergolas and fences, ornamental pools and rock gardens included in Bioart's structural landscaping projects are details that play an important role in capturing naturalness.


In landscape projects, functionality in use as well as aesthetics is an issue that Bioart pays attention to. Thanks to the right choice of materials and some details, even small gardens can turn into larger, natural and peaceful spaces.


Vegetable Landscape

Bioart, which carries out small and large-scale plant landscaping projects with the aim of bringing the aesthetic, health and natural properties of plants to people's living and resting areas, turns people's dream gardens into reality with its turnkey applications. Bioart has the capacity to complete and deliver urgent and large-scale applications in a short time; It successfully completes the supply and application of indoor and outdoor ornamental plants, preparation of appropriate soil mixtures, green roof applications, sowing with seeds and roll grass applications and many other herbal landscaping applications.