Biological Pond Projects

Thanks to the solutions pioneered by Bioart, it is possible to create self-cleaning biological pond systems with completely natural methods, without the use of chemicals. In this way, we continue our work on the design, project, construction and operation of ponds that are compatible with the environment as a landscape element and create a visual feast with their plants, pier, stones, fountains that provide water games and even fish.

Biological Pool Projects

It is a very common practice in Europe for swimming pools to consist of natural systems that comply with health standards. Bioart has included swimming pool applications designed without the use of chemicals in its product portfolio.

Landscape Projects

Drainage Projects

 These are studies carried out to remove excess water accumulated in gardens, and are important for the health of plants and grass development.

Automatic Irrigation Systems

Automatic irrigation systems ensure regular watering of plants by saving manpower and water, and are applied with quality materials by Bioart's professional team.

Structural Landscape

Structural constructions used in landscape projects include the functional use of urban furniture; Drainage, irrigation and electrical infrastructure preparation is important.

Vegetable Landscape

Bioart carries out small and large-scale landscaping projects on a turnkey basis, emphasizing the aesthetic and health properties of plants, and focuses on various herbal applications.